At IDEAL Properties, we understand your desire to rent a property that is well-maintained, well-located, and competitively priced. We promise to work diligently with your landlord (our client) to provide you with an excellent rental experience. Here is a brief outline of the rental process once your application has been approved.

1. ACCEPTANCE: Congratulations! By signing our Lease Agreement, you will officially take the first step toward renting the property.

2. INSPECTION: Once you sign the lease, we will schedule your move-in date and time via e-mail. Prior to moving in, please allow one hour to meet at the property to conduct a Pre-Occupancy Inspection.

3. OCCUPANCY: Please remember the following requirements prior to access:

  • Utilities: You must have all required utilities transferred into your name as of your move-in date and provide us with the account numbers via e-mail.
  • Rent/Deposit: You must remit your rent and deposit prior to your scheduled move-in date.
  • Insurance: You must provide us with a copy of your Renter’s Insurance Policy listing Fleetham Advantage, Inc and it’s subsideries as an additional interest. We offer renter’s insurance options. Contact us to learn more.

4. MANAGEMENT: Once you’ve moved into your new home, we will begin our management process.

  • Rent Collection: Rent is due on the 1st of the month. Rent is considered late if it is not received by the 3rd of the month. Please pay online via your tenant portal. We do not accept cash.
  • Utilities: Please ensure on-time payment of your utilities to prevent loss of power and/or frozen pipes.
  • Maintenance: When you have a maintenance issue, log on to your tenant portal to request service. FOR LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCIES (gas smell, fire, reactive carbon monoxide detector) CALL 911.

5. YEAR-END: MN CRP (Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid) Statements will be uploaded to your tenant portal by January 31st of each year.

6. LEASE RENEWAL/TERMINATION: Please let us know if you’d like to renew OR terminate your Lease Agreement 60 DAYS prior to your contracted termination date. For example, if your lease is set to expire on Oct. 31, you will need to provide notification to renew or terminate by Aug. 31. If you give your notice mid-month (Aug. 15, for example), your notice will be effective as of Aug. 31.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.


Kelli Johanson



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