Here are some of the commonly asked questions about our IDEAL Approach to rental property investment. If there is a question we did not cover, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re hear to help!

Ideal Properties stands out in the industry by offering a higher quality of service from a small, owner-operated company. By hand-selecting the number of homes we manage, we ensure that our clients always receive the high-quality service they deserve, 24/7/365. We are also woman-owned and specialize in empowering women toward financial freedom through real estate investing.

As long as the home is clean, freshly painted and in good working order, you have an A-1 rental ready to fit any tenant’s needs.

Yes. We know the rental market well and will list your property for a fair price based on current market trends.

Internet-based advertising is the best way to attract potential tenants. Our industry connections also help us find quality candidates. We average 30- to 60-day occupancy from the time your rental is listed.

Absolutely! You, the property owner, are ultimately responsible for approving or denying any rental candidates we find for you. Once an application is received, we process a background and credit check to compile a comprehensive report for your review so you can make an informed decision.

We deposit funds into your account on or before the 10th of each month, or the next business day if the 10th is a weekend or holiday.

Ideal Management uses Ideal Maintenance to subcontract maintenance providers specific to each job. You are not required to use Ideal Maintenance and can hire your own contractor. Just make sure they are insured, licensed and carry workers’ compensation coverage for your protection.

When we sign the lease, we collect a security deposit to cover damages in excess of what is legally considered normal wear-and-tear.

We guarantee any tenant we place in your property through the duration of the lease agreement.

Yes, but only if we need to find and place a new tenant in your property. If the tenant remains in the property and would like to renew their lease agreement, you will only be charged a Lease Renewal Fee of $300.

The $600 is for the time, travel and effort we put into renting your home, but most importantly, it’s a promise to conduct business together. Please know, this is NOT in addition to the Finder’s Fee. You’re simply paying a portion of the Finder’s Fee up front.

Yes, it’s included in our management service. It’s a rare occurrence, as we make sure to perform our due diligence with our screening process when placing a tenant in your property.

Yes, it’s part of our management service.

Yes, a $295 Lease Renewal Fee (see #10) and a $300 Cancellation Fee if you elect to terminate our contract prior to its expiration date (which coincides with the tenant lease term).

Ideal Property Investments has been in the property management industry for nearly 20 years. Kelli Johanson, founder and owner, and the entire Ideal Property Investments staff is dedicated to offering quality service, specific to each homeowner’s needs.

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