Ideal Properties is a woman-owned, Minnesota-based, boutique real estate brokerage. We specialize in rental property investing, leasing, maintenance and management to help our clients build and maintain a nest for their hard-earned investments. Our “Ideal Approach” to real estate incorporates the five moneymakers of rental property investment:



The kids are gone, and you’re done paying for college. Now it’s time to find some secure investments that offer slow-and-steady growth along with a secure monthly INCOME. Single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, even a small apartment building could all meet your criteria.


You have your traditional investment vehicles topped off and your stocks are stocked. It’s time to diversify into rental real estate that will grant you a great return on your investment, give you extra income, get you tax advantages from DEPRECIATION, and give you the ability to LEVERAGE your property for future investments.


With your first investment, cash can be tight. We can find you a single-family home, duplex or triplex to live in and augment your income by renting out any other unit(s). We’ll help you find, manage and maintain your property while building EQUITY.


Don’t be too quick to sell off mom and dad’s greatest asset if they can no longer be occupants. The family home can become a great rental property to provide instant income, APPRECIATIONDEPRECIATION and LEVERAGE to offset any life expenses (medical bills, college, travel, etc.).


It’s worked for hundreds of our clients, and it will work for you. Ideal Properties offers hassle-free rental property investment and management services to help you strengthen your financial future.

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